Family Meal

by Chef David Ferguson




cooking classes

Cooking classes last two hours at a rate of $40 per hour + $15 per student.   Classes are taught in a demonstration format with all students receiving a finished plate of the demonstrated recipe.  


Basic Knife Work:

Learn your way around a knife.  This class teaches you the basic knife cuts on common vegetables that allows you to turn raw ingredients into components of a recipe.

Recipe:  Ratatouille

Steaks 101:

Everything you ever wanted to know about steaks and how to cook them.  This demonstration covers serving temperatures as well as proper handling and basic butchery.

Recipe:  Pan Seared Rib Eye with Sauce Hollandaise

Fish 101:

No more dry or overcooked fish!  Learn how to break down large sides of fish and cook them to perfection.  

Recipe:  Seasonal Market Fresh Fish with Accompanying Sides and Garnish

Custom Class:

Want to know more about a certain recipe or technique?  Chef David will inform and guide you through the tough spots and have you conquering the kitchen in no time!